Train to move forward...

You are a company that has IT staff (one or more IT specialists);

You want your staff to need to upskill, for one of the following reasons:

  • _bullet Lack of speed when dealing with users.
  • _bullet Difficulties in resolving incidents on the IT infrastructure, or in the IT marc.
  • _bullet You have acquired an IT solution and your staff is not trained on it.
  • _bullet Your IT staff is not organized as you wish, and does not use good methods (BEST PRACTICES) for managing information systems.
  • _bullet You want to acquire new technologies and you want your IT staff to be ready before acquisition.

Are you looking for an organization that can train them quickly and efficiently?:

MCS TECHNOLOGY makes it easy for you;

Our consultants train your engineers according to an international standard called: “ITIL“, and not only, it is because we also have COACH called “IT Coach“;

At MCS TECHNOLOGY, an IT Coach leads workshops according to very specific themes, such as: “Stress management in IT environments”, or the theme: “Good methods for resolving IT incidents”

What are you waiting for? call us, our trainers are at your disposal.


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