Nowadays, industrial companies are conditioned by hands-on solutions, delivered by the industrial solution provider, it works perfectly according to the specifications and to the expectations of the customer;

However, after exploiting the solution, the manufacturer feels specific needs, such as the need for “decision-making”, but the industrial solution already provided does not have functionality in accordance with the customer’s requirements;

That’s where MCS TECHNOLOGY intervenes to solve this problem. MCS TECHNOLOGY offers intuitive and modular solutions to complete the flow of information that the customer is looking for, namely :

  • _bullet Connection to programmable logic controllers (native or in OPC mode) to read information in real time, such as : number of products manufactured / packaged, detect critical alarms, and present them in a dashboard to the company manager ( for decision making).
  • _bullet Development of a weighbridge solution and driver and truck identification (with QR CODE or Barcode badge), have real-time weighing information for all the weighbridges of all the company's entities (ideally for an industrial group) ; to present in a dashboard to the manager or boss.
  • _bullet Development of intervention application for the benefit of the maintenance department to interact with the automaton directly, on one or more parts of the controller, in order to diagnose and test the replacement of defective blocks without starting a whole production to test ( available in mobile and desktop application); The advantage of this solution is to avoid a waste of money and time for the various tests carried out, and also to avoid the overconsumption of the raw material.
  • _bullet MCS TECHNOLOGY also offers you the development of a production and/or packaging declaration system, the advantage is to avoid entry by the agent on the register or manual entry on an ERP software package, (we can offer tools interconnection with the best-known ERPs on the market, or even specific development in collaboration with the publishers of the business software that your industry has opted for).


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