Online presence is now essential for any business sector. That’s why a business should have its own website. Each company being unique, the strategies, budgets, resources and objectives differ and it is our duty to adapt to your needs. MCS TECHNOLOGY‘s skills in creating or redesigning websites are varied and meet different needs:

  • _bullet Showcase website
  • _bullet Online store (small, medium or large)
  • _bullet Management tools
  • _bullet Specialized site (ex: for restaurants... )
  • _bullet Website redesign and SEO optimization
  • _bullet Web hosting, domain name, maintenance and monitoring.

Why hire us to create a website?

A company specializing in web development supports you in the choice of domain name, web hosting, the website creation, ergonomics, design of landing pages and graphic customization. In addition, it keeps track of security, code and content updates, database backups, etc.
Calling on professionals in WEB development is the opportunity to create a strong visual identity on the web by respecting the graphic charter and by providing adapted content. In addition, MCS TECHNOLOGY provides support and expertise in web marketing. No time wasted on design, stay focused on your business.
In short: Performance, Optimization, Support, Expertise, Advice, Monitoring


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